Every lymph node matters

Lymph node counts are correlated with patient survival, and 50% of them can be missed during manual palpation searches.

Healthcare challenges around lymph nodes

Lymph node search is one of the most laborious and inconsistent steps in cancer care.

Imagine a future where you can simply see lymph nodes

Real-time high-resolution imaging of lymph nodes without contrasting agents or radiation.

Time Best Inventions 2023

Image Guided Gross Examination

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of lymph node grossing in your lab without changing any workflow.

What is Cision’s Technology?

It’s not X-ray, not Ultrasound, it is SHORTWAVE INFRARED.

Lymph node search like never before

Time Best Inventions 2023

Cision Vision is an ISO-certified medical device manufacturer.
Winner of TIME Best Invention 2023 and a 2023 Red Dot Design Award.

Cision InVision In Action

What Pathologists’ Assistants are saying about Cision Vision

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Disclosures and important safety information

Cision InVision is an FDA registered Class I medical device. It does not diagnose or recognize lymph nodes or any other anatomical structures. It is a phase-contrast microscope that provides contrast between different tissue types based on how they change the phases of light propagation. It does not diagnose or recognize lymph nodes for the users, and users ultimately make the final judgement on whether a specific piece of specimen contains lymph nodes or not. It is intended to be used by trained healthcare professionals in clinical environments and cannot be used at home.

Cision InVision is also certified for IEC 61010-1:2010 (Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use) and IEC 61326-1:2012 (immunity and emissions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for electrical equipment, operating from a supply or battery of less than 1000 V a.c. or 1500 V d.c. or from the circuit being measured.) The users should follow Cision InVision’s manual and instruction videos to operate the device. The user should not directly look at the illumination source in Cision InVision with their eyes for an extended period of time to prevent any eye damage. Specimens should not be left on the imaging window for an extended period as extensive exposure to light can potentially dehydrates and damage the specimen.

For important safety information, please also refer to www.cisionvision/product. For a product’s intended use and/or indications for use, risks, full cautions and warnings, please refer to the associated User Manual(s).

Individual outcomes may depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to patient characteristics, disease characteristics, and/or user experience.

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