The true number of lymph nodes in specimens has been a mystery

  • Depending on specimen sizes, the lymph node
    count in one specimen can vary from 0 to 100+.
  • Many lymph nodes are missed unknowingly.
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Seeing is believing.


Cision InVision

Seeing Lymph Nodes Like Never Before

Cision InVision Hardware

Based on recent breakthrough imaging technologies invented at MIT, our Cision InVision product helps pathology practitioners perform lymph nodes searches with enhanced efficiency and accuracy.

10” Touch Screen

Touch screen interface that works with even wet or dirty gloved-on fingers.

Large Viewing Area

Visualize tissue pieces with up to 8cm x 6cm in size at a time.

Save Images

Save your favorite lymph node image for poster or manuscript publications.

Swappable Battery

Run on swappable batteries with 3-hour run time.

AC input

Plug into wall when necessary.

Cision InVision Software

Change Image Brightness

Run on swappable batteries with 3-hour run time.

Take Snapshots

Take a snapshot of the specimen for your next poster or manuscript publication.

Our user-friendly software depicts lymph nodes as dark and surrounding fat tissue as bright in real-time.

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What The People Thinks About Us

“The lack of a tool like this and the difficulty of finding submillimeter lymph nodes is why I chose neuropathology.”

– Director, Neuropathology (20+ years experience) – IL

“When using this technology, you can have complete confidence that you have obtained every lymph node.”

– Pathology Assistant Supervisor (19 years experience) – WA

“The thought of finding even one additional small positive lymph node and what that means to the patient gives me goosebumps.”

– Administrative Director and Pathologists’ Assistant (6 years experience) – CA

“This device definitely helps me find small lymph nodes that could have been missed.”

– Pathologists’ Assistant (23 years of experience) – CA

“Where were you when I was a resident? Do you know how many late nights I had to spend on searching for lymph nodes during residency?”

– Pathologist (3 years experience) – WI

“To us anatomic pathologists, this is a dream come true!”

– Pathologist (12 years experience) – CA

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